Making World Peace a reality. Yes folks, it's not impossble.


Inter-Beliefs-Global encourages kindness to bring peace rather than suffer the prevailing power-mongering, greed and wars etc. For this purpose the following has its attractions to aid the recovery of human good graces towards wider peace.

The Cosmos in outer soace dispences its energies to all life and so merits the overall title as our Creator for all man-,ade names for God which presently result in confrontational ways.

Our Creator’s energies of kindness allows man-made beliefs to continue their rituals and ceremonies for mutual benefits reslting from the loving ethics of our Cosmic Creator; lets name it Cosmicanity for us Cosmicans to practise our support.

The all inclusive Cosmicanity would create a widerregard for our one Creator by the acronyms TASKS for PEACE as Truthfulness Accountibility Service Kindness Selflessness for Peace as People Ethical And Cultural Excellence.

The teaching of Cosmicanity is every curriculum and activity would benefit all mankind. Therefore, try reciting; ‘Cosmic Creator, please guide us as Cosmicans in Cosmicanity to encourage human kindness and platonic love’.

Reginald Haynes 94


Human behaviour everywhere needs Cosmicanity FOR Concord

COSMICANITY is not a religion but is the philosophy inclusive of all beliefs educationally. PEACE is the acronym for Personal Ethical And     Cultural Excellence globally, for all manner of human behaviour.

The Cosmic energies give us the powers for every behaviour yet many humans fail to spread such energies of goodness into every living thing by failing to recognise, teach and practice peace? 

The Cosmos – which energises our whole life – offers every belief, philosophy and religion the freedom to create unconditional love and integrity rather than the present ways which incite greed and war without love.

 The Cosmic energies from our Cosmic Creator – whatever the titles of  beliefs – enables humanity, as Cosmicans, to become  synonymous with each other yet retain their existing ceremonies and pageantry in peace and plenty.

Cosmicanity groups, supported by all Cosmicans globally, could become the mutual ground for peace while reciting “Cosmic Creator, please guide us as Cosmicans in Cosmicanity to encourage platonic love for peace”.

Reginal Haynes


The various man-made religions are based upon a wide variety of opinions that result in disputes and confrontations leading to wars by leaders for their ill-gotten ‘power-over’ bases which bring greed, war and suffering rather than peace and plenty.

Wider cordiality across the  present efforts among Inter-faith entities of  Christians, Jews, Muslims and others of seeming goodwill is not effective; wider civil conduct among Multi-Belief contributors called Cosmicanity could achieve it.

The ways among the various beliefs and power bases show the present ways could be crystalised to include non-believers such as secularists etc in Cosmicanity by the energies born in us all from our loving Cosmic Creator.

Scientists know that the Cosmos is the prime source of our energy from which we are born and act. Accepting this premise encourages the formation of Cosmicanity in which every human can join and benefit whatever their opinion or belief.

If you care to support this proposition, or edit it; please inform this author, a WW11 disabled veteran by replying to this blog.


The Cosmos is the power and energies surrounding our physical and mental world; such energies are in all life even when calling them by various names, e g God etc. 

Unethical civil conduct leads to lies, crime and war which bring unending suffering for humanity as experienced by this writer. 

Question -: could or would humanity rectify its behaviour for its own benefit? With our Cosmos – as God etc – on our side we become Cosmicans in Cosmicanity. 

The acronym T.A.S.K.S – standing for Truthfulness, Accountability, Service, Kindness, Selflessness – gives support to Cosmic Forums for civil conduct every day. 

The acronym P E A C E – standing for Personal Ethics Affords Cultural Excellence – for the benefit of all mankind when we take the trouble to practice them globally. 

Let’s establish Cosmicanity, become Cosmicans and practice TASKS for PEACE among all beliefs by retaining the glory of their pageantry and ceremonies with love. 

Authored by Reginald Haynes, a WWII disabled veteran, Copyright is free. Editing of this is invited to   21. 4. 14.


Cosmic energies create EVERYTHING – humans too!

Accepting this heading as a rational fact, effectively offers the many disparate beliefs and religions a free license in which they endlessly preach unconditional love and integrity to no effect which incites war and greed.

The COSMIC energies are our Creator whatever the adopted titles for God, Allah etc. Surely all humans are Cosmicans which is synonymous with every belief, yet they can retain their existing ceremonies and pageantry.

Cosmicans can then create the supportive Cosmicanity as the common ground for peace for all humanity by praying ‘‘Cosmic Creator please guide us as Cosmicans in Cosmicanity to encourage platonic love for peace”.

Please send your ‘edit’ of the foregoing in support of Cosmicanity to and become  of this helpful proposal with this WWII disabled veteran 15.3.2014

By The Cosmic Way

I hope my readers have all had a pleasant weekend.

While some persons believed the end would come to the world on Saturday May 21st others were blissfully unaware of the highly publicised prophesies being promoted by a certain group of followers. We here at Tasks For Peace won’t be able to tell anyone when the end of  the world is coming  whether in our lifetimes or not, but we do believe that it is the duty of all of us to make this world a better place, bit by bit, little by little with  those individual acts of kindness.

This week’s blog:

By The Cosmic Way and human Kindness

Through Inter Faith Activities without need to convert beliefs

Humans can be regarded as Native Cosmicans, designed by our Cosmic Creator, to conduct them- selves consciously in ways to live peacefully by kindness via the ‘Cosmic effect’ of “TASK for PEACE the COSMIC WAY”. Symbolically, the triangular CYME stands for ‘Creator, You, Me’ representing the Cosmic Flowers of the Human Spirit of Cosmicans in Cosmicanity globally.

The creation of CYME (pronounced sim) invites people, of every belief, religion, philosophy and political persuasion to give their time, charitable contributions and goodwill, as Cosmicans in Cosmicanity, to generate peace by best Civil Conduct in every walk of life; CYME is the human spirit personified and any cross-referencing of the religions is not being created to convert beliefs.

Cosmicanity is derived from the cosmos and can ennoble the human spirit by kindness in support of our Cosmic Creator to develop TASKS, acronym for Truthfulness Accountability Service Kindness Selflessness, on how we can bring PEACE – for our own wellbeing – which is preferred to the widespread loss, misery and suffering from greed, guile, corruption and poor civil conduct.

The policies and work of CYME (sim) will be to develop human efforts by TASKS for PEACE to be taught by parents, teachers and everyone practicing TASKS; financial support of local and national administrations in the cosmic spirit of the non-violent Cosmicanity – by the people for the people of every status – could enhance the prospects for peaceful benefits worldwide.

Every form of media could enable writers, journalists, publishers and other creators to market Cosmicanity to wider audiences; Cosmican supporters could generate the potential for maximising the good effect of TASKS for PEACE; were such sincerity in human kindness to prevail – as part of every one’s humane duty to all life – the benefits in our quality of life would be immense.

A short, mutually acceptable recitation for Cosmicans by which to live and teach in all religions and philosophies is the goodness that arises from this global target of merit which reads… “Cosmic Creator, please strengthen and guide my free will as to the needs of TASKS for PEACE.”  Volunteers can respond to this challenge to expand their Kindness in developing Cosmicanity.

To show our desire for peace let us borrow from Sir Edward Elgars’ chorus from ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ and pluralize it to encourage all countries to act for “Lands of Hope and Glory, Mothers of the Free, How shall we extol them, who are born of thee – Cosmic Creator.” Help each nation by TASKS the acronym for Truthfulness Accountability Service Kindness Selflessness for PEACE.

Whether as atheists or believers in a Cosmic Creator being known as God, Allah or by any other name, let us show the ‘blighters’ of greedy power and corruption  and misery -with more to follow- that human Cosmicans can do it. Realise that if TASKS prevails before errors by its unconditional non-erotic love and kindness then -‘TASKS for PEACE is the COSMIC WAY in COSMICANITY.’

Reginald Haynes © at the Peace Studio of TASKS for PEACE Organisation

Miss Enlou L. Frere  Technical Consultant &  Local representative (Barbados),


On a lighter note….

It’s Monday again, we hope those Monday blues aren’t getting you too down today. Hopefully we can cheer our readers up a bit with a song. we’d appreciate any suggestions for a possible tune to accompany these lyrics.

Here goes…


We pledge our spirit as Cosmicans

With love and peace in every land

The only way within every belief

Is Cosmican TASKS to bring relief

Let lands of hope of freedom be

Yours and mine on Creators Tree

Global wide and heavens high

Humane loving FOR our mutual try

Cosmicans together time to spare

Time to learn, time to care

The new way of living in every city

Is fruitful PEACE by Cosmicanity

Reg Haynes, Founder of Cosmicanity by TASKS for PEACE

Miss Enlou Frere, Technical consultant & local Representative